Welcome to Food Factoids, Fun and Trivia.  An eccentric collection of knowledge, wisdom, trivia and utter garbage by Chef Phillius Fatbelly.  The only criteria for inclusion being that the factoid amuses or otherwise interests Chef, or that he thinks it may do likewise for others.

Included will be snippets of rare and largely unknown topics, a little food history, strange ingredients and methods, surprising factoids about well known foods and dishes, and who knows what else.  Absolutely anything at Chef’s sole discretion, so long as it is somehow related to the subject all mankind holds in common – eating!

Chef Phillius will drag himself out of the kitchen regularly to post another little gem for your enjoyment and elucidation.  As food is served every day of the week, so too will factoids be on the menu every day.  Such is Chef’s dedication to his art and his beloved hungry consumers.

All posts are guaranteed calorie free and may be consumed with gusto and enjoyed endlessly.






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