Greek legend suggests acorns were a staple food in ancient times. They were used as a poor coffee substitute during the American Civil War. Today they are sometimes used to fatten pigs.

There exists more than 450 varieties of acorn, many of which have at some time been used for food. Acorns are native on all continents excepting Australia.

Acorns are the fruit of  oak trees and are classified as true nuts.acorn

They are high in carbo’s, and were used as food most often during times of famine. They are a great source of food for some wildlife.

In 1945 Japanese children gathered more than one million tonnes of acorns to make into flour due to under supply of rice and wheat for flour making.

To use acorns for food. Collect acorns when they are ripe, in autumn. Discard the shells and the caps, then boil the acorns for a minimum of two hours, changing the cooking water several times. This cooking process removes bitterness from the acorns. They can then be roasted in the oven for around one hour at 180 degrees C. They will then be ready to eat as nuts or can be ground into flour.

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