Ike and Mamie’s Favorites

President Eisenhower’s favourite foods.

You can try them too!


• Roast Stuffed Breast of Veal
• Beef Stew
• Steak (rare)
• Quail Hash
• Trout


• Ike’s Vegetable Soup
• Chicken Noodle Soup


• Prune Whip
• English Rice Pudding
• Floating Island
• Frosted Mint Delight
• Mamie’s Deep Dish Apple Pie
• Mamie’s Million Dollar Fudge
• Mamie’s Sugar Cookies


• Fluffy Turnips
• President’s Corn Pudding
• String Beans Almondine

Recipes for these and many more can be found in his personal collection.

Ike’s Cookbook. This cookbook consists of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s personal collection of recipes. These were either typed by his staff or clipped from print sources and pasted into the cookbook. Some recipes include the name of person who gave him the recipe. Individual recipes include Eisenhower’s Vegetable Soup and Beef Stew; both were widely requested by the general public and reprinted in numerous newspapers.

You can download his cook book in .pdf format here. (6.5MB)

The Eisenhower family at dinner


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